Speech and Language Therapy

  • Christine has over 20 years of experience in the San Diego and North County areas specializing in Pediatric Communication disorders
  • The office setting is designed to be child friendly, in a non-clinical atmosphere, located in a quiet residential area. For parents and siblings there are nearby hiking trails available should parents wish to make use of them. Children feel they are visiting a friend rather than going to a therapy office.
  • Our practice provides individualized programs for children with a variety of communication disorders. All individual programs are followed with a verbal summation to the parent for follow up at home. This provides an expeditious approach to the time spent for your child in this therapy process.
  • In addition to individual therapy programs we provide group therapy for Social Pragmatic Disorders. Participants are carefully screened for their age, sex, intelligence and compatibility. Children who have a diagnosis of Aspergers, High Autism, ADHD, Social Anxiety, Non Verbal language disorders and Expressive language disorders are some of the children seen in this practice. Groups are small, individualized and enjoyable. The age range is from 5 to 14 years of age.
  • Children who are in individual services for social language, may be easily transitioned to our group program. This transition affords the individual a stable and successful opportunity to a more inclusive environment. It allows for the practice of his/her new skill sets in the home, school and community with the direct support of a professional.
  • Parental training is an ongoing process. All parents are given an opportunity to set up a flexible consultation time to discuss their child’s progress. They are given recommended reading and referrals as necessary.
  • Please note that payment is due at the time of service.  Cash or check only, credit cards are not accepted.

Christine Lotierzo

Christine Lotierzo MA/CCC/SLP is a board certified speech and language pathologist. She is currently licensed by the State of California, and board certified by the American Speech/Language/Hearing Association and California Speech/Language Hearing Association.  Christine specializes in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of communication disorders.  Her background is extensive and comprehensive.  She has worked in schools, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, clinics and university based programs. Christine has organized and developed programs for physicians, public/private schools, state wide professionals and child rehabilitation agencies.  She has over twenty five years of experience, with expertise in both expressive and receptive communication disorders.  Christine provides both individual and group programs.  The group programs are an outstanding adjunct to the nationally recognized program, Social Thinking.